Sometimes you need a little something extra to push the limits, create the vision, or execute the plan. A utility player. And because a partnership built on trust, transparency, and purpose, is one to feel good about.



Hi, I'm Jenna Calhoun, principal of Sundae Tucker Consulting. I founded Sundae Tucker to foray my energy, experience, and passion into a consultancy that encourages companies, brands, and individuals to be the best versions of themselves. We value fresh, authentic thought, inclusion, disruption, and a relentless pursuit of representation.

From PepsiCo to Nestle, and a boutique coffee firm in between, I've spent over 13 years at the busy intersection of foodservice, beverage, and hospitality. The challenges, competition & excitement of the industry are why I'm here, but I stay for the people and the opportunity to affect change. 

Born in Boston, but raised in Chicago & Northern California, I now reside in Richmond, VA with my family. They rock. 

Why the name Sundae Tucker? Ask me!